Monday, March 26, 2007

Dining Out

Had Dining Out for my AFROTC unit last Saturday. A good time was had by all, I only went to the grog four times, and I got a nice little commendation for the work I've done on the Det. website. In case you were wondering what I got grogged for, once was by our lovely Field Training Preparation flight commanders for simply existing (the excuse they gave for me is that I hit one of the flight commanders while we were playing dodgeball. Twice. That's a no-no.) Another was for getting involved during an attempted grogging of two of our fellow cadets for showing up late to Llab one morning because they went to the wrong place then locked their keys in the car. I stood up to make a point of order that they were being grogged primarily for locking their keys in the car, but then since I opened my big fat mouth I had to go up with them. The third was for being AAS grog-worthy member of the month. This is a two-parter; the first is that I was driving back from Des Moines from singing the National Anthem at a hockey game when I noticed little specks of something hitting the windshield. I then commented that there seemed to be a lot of bugs out tonight. It was the middle of February with an air temperature of about 15 degrees. The specks were of course snow. The second part was that we were discussing homosexuals in the military one day when I made the mistake of saying that I really didn't care, but that if I got shot I wanted one of those big burly gay guys to come carry me out of the line of fire. This of course was quickly shortened to be that I wanted a big burly gay guy to come carry me away. I don't really remember what the fourth trip to the grog was for, but rest assured it was for me doing something stupid.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Me with the parents.

Me with my lovely date, Megan. Part of the reason I haven't been around here as much. (The other, of course, being the lovely weather we've been having in Ames.) Also, I look retarded in this picture.

Our excellent flight commanders at the mic attempting to rap in the process of sending us up to the grog. The one I hit with the dodgeball is in the middle.

Me saluting the grog.

Me drinking the excellent tasting grog. In case anyone is interested, the ingredients were ketchup, pineapple juice, beef broth, energy drink, lemon water, liquid smoke, chocolate soy milk, and oyster flavoring.

Group of us up front getting our commendations from the Colonel. I'm on the far right.

This one isn't from Dining Out, but I've been looking for an excuse to post a picture of me in cammies BDUs Battle Dress Uniform, and this is as good as any. That's me on the right, the guy on the left is our current Wing Commander. The picture is from the Tiger GLP last semester. Basically we, the active members of AAS, were chasing the Tigers (people trying to get in) around Central Campus. They were in their white PTs, we were in camouflage. It was fun.