Sunday, March 11, 2007

Portraits in Courage

This is good. No, not good. Excellent.

" The story of Major Gilbert's sacrifice, along with the courageous actions of 14 other Airmen who are still serving, are highlighted in the inaugural edition of the chief of staff's Portraits in Courage. The vignettes are available on Air Force Link under the Portraits in Courage area. The stories also are compiled in a soft-cover book being distributed in limited numbers to the major commands.

The Airmen chosen for this first edition represent courage in time of war, from the physical courage to leap into harm's way to protect comrades, to the moral courage to continue to serve despite enormous obstacles, to the emotional courage to focus on the mission despite harrowing circumstances.

The men and women highlighted represent a variety of ranks and career fields, pointing to the diversity of Air Force missions in the war on terrorism. From security forces protecting airfields, transporters performing convoy duty with the Army, pilots flying close-air support, and medics giving life-saving treatment, the stories give a glimpse into the contributions and sacrifices being made by today's Airmen."
This needs to be spread far and wide. The USAF is in the fight, and we've made some heavy sacrifices.

Check it out.