Sunday, January 07, 2007

Speaking of being rich...

So, guys were playing poker tonight. $5 buy in, nothing too extreme. I don't win in the tournament, but then we play cash games afterwards. We start off with a game called shit on your neighbor. It involves making three stacks of 5 chips (a $1.50, we play with 10 cent chips.) You are then dealt one card, face down. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, you decide whether you want to stay, or exchange with the player on your left. Lowest cards loses, and the dealer has the option of staying or hitting his deck. Pretty fun game that we usually play at the end of the night, but were playing it now because a couple of our regulars had to take off early. Long story short, I end up winning on a Queen when both of the other players still in sit on 10s. Both of them. Sweet, so I win $10.50. Nice. We then proceed to play cash games, which get out of hand real fast. (Disclaimer: keep in mind that we all have this kind of money to lose and none of us have a problem...really.)

So we start playing several games that involve rather large pots...3-5-7, 55, stuff like that. Another long story short, we end up with a couple of pots that total around $10. Yeah, $10 on one cash game. The conclusion is that I end up winning either $30 on the night in cash games.

So I'm pretty happy right now.