Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spy vs Spy

I think the CDR might be interested in this..."Foreign spying on U.S. defense technology seen rising." According to a "circulated" (read: leaked) report, DSS Counterintel Office reported a nearly 43 percent jump in suspicious foreign contacts reported by U.S. defense contractors. Of particular interest was to me was the fact that good ol' fashioned HUMINT is still well and alive, even in this high tech age. One of the reported contacts was the seduction of an American translator by a foreign female spy in order to gain his computer password. His network was later found infested with viruses planted by a foreign intelligence service.

Which foreign countries are attempting to steal our secrets? The report doesn't name names, but as always, China, Russia, and Iran are at the head of any list.

China: they might not be our enemy (yet), but they certainly aren't our friend.