Saturday, January 06, 2007

I wish I was this rich... bet $50,000 that I could stand in the ocean for 18 hours. There is truly some crazy stuff found at that article. I gamble, but I only play poker, which is a game of at least some skill (although with the less-experienced guys we sometimes play with, that's not always the case...I can't count the numbers of times someone has screamed "WHY DIDN'T YOU FOLD THAT!?!?!?" Not that I was ever the one playing a 5-9, I was a seasoned veteran from day 1. :-p) Anyway, point being that I don't see how someone could put that sum of money on that kind of a bet...and then win almost half of it back playing $2,000 a game 9-ball.

But then again, I guess if my total tournament winnings exceeded $3,400,000, $50,000 would be chump change. Like I said, I wish I was that rich.