Friday, August 25, 2006

Three months

Three months. That's months, not weeks. That's what it's going to take for the "European-led" U.N. force to deploy to Lebanon.

And people wonder why the world is fed up with the U.N. As a bit of comparison, the U.S. military had infiltrated Afghanistan and begun bombing less than one month after 9/11. Two months after 9/11, Kabul had fallen. A little over three months after 9/11 Tora Bora had fallen and the Taliban were no more (insurgency notwithstanding). So, in the amount of time it took the U.S. military to deploy from a dead stop without warning and completely conquer a country, the U.N. is going to manage to "deploy" a force that is not there to disarm Hezbollah by force. I'm not sure what other purpose the U.N. is intending the force to have, but there it is. Hezbollah is going to lay own it's arms through the political process. Which is why the U.N. force is deploying with "very permissive" Rules of Engagement. Because, you know, Hezbollah doesn't shoot guns at people or anything. But just in case.

Three months. A lot of things can happen in three months. This entire U.N. force is going to be a joke; like I said previously, I really can see Bosnia all over again. A U.N. led force that no one wants to take responsibility for, almost certainly muddled RoE, and an enemy that is media-savvy and isn't afraid to take hostages.