Sunday, December 11, 2005

Amusing Democratic Quote

Sorry again about the lack of, ROTC, finals, blah blah blah. Anyway, this won't be much, but I found a very, ahem, "interesting" quote from the gentleman from Illinois, Sen. Obama. He was giving the keynote address at a Democratic function in Florida for possible presidential candidates. It was actually rather nice and unusual that the AP writer included it in the story, because it really cuts to the core of what the statists in the Democratic Party want for America. Without further ado, here's the quote.

"Spellbound delegates heard him criticize GOP plans to give people more control over their retirement plans, their choice of schools and their health care savings.

Equating the GOP agenda for Social Security, public school vouchers and Medicare with 'social Darwinism,' Obama said the key to the nation's success is striking a balance between individual and collective responsibility.

'It has to do with individuals,' he said, 'but it also has to do with community."

Let me say that for you again: He criticized "GOP plans to give people MORE CONTROL over THEIR retirement plans, THEIR choice of schools, and THEIR health care savings."

Its a sad commentary on our times that very few in this country will have a problem with what the Senator said, never mind that it is the very antithesis of what this country was founded upon; that is to say, the INDIVIDUAL. Democrats as the party of the minority? My ass. The individual is the smallest minority, and the Democrats obviously don't care about me, as me. Nope, I only matter if I've been forced to give up my life to a faceless bureaucrat who knows better for me than I do. Think that phrase is just a cliche? Not according to Obama.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough for you, check out what Senator Edwards wanted to do following 9/11. Fight the terrorists? No. End dependence on foreign oil? No. Change U.S. foreign policy? No. He wanted to rally the nation behind the cause of "fighting poverty."

Yep, that worked out real well for LBJ.

And this man could've been number 2 in the White House.

If anyone is interested, here's a link to the AP article (sorry, it's a Yahoo news article, so it may change).