Saturday, July 09, 2005

Work Zone, again

Sorry 'bout the lack of comments. A friend of mine and I were trying to figure out how to add this nice left sidebar for the LLP blogroll. We figured that out (after several attempts), but in the process we apparently killed haloscan. Don't worry, everything is still on the haloscan servers. I should have everything back to normal by tomorrow...I hope. Anyway, no posting tonight for a variety of reasons, the least of which is that I'm wiped from moving 14 tons of riverrock today.

Oh, but before I go, here's what our first attempt looked like:

Update: Looks like I fixed the problem. Apparently, we managed to delete the haloscan script. Not quite sure how we managed that one (or why it took me so long to find such a simple error), but anyway, comments are back up, so feel free to comment away!