Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Milblogger!

While there have been several additions to the blogroll recently (more on that later, after I get done making all of my additions), I wanted to highlight one blog in particular. Ghraib Danger is the blog of an Air Force JAG stationed at FOB Abu Ghraib. The author, David, is actually a pseud0-relative of mine. His family was close to my mom's family growing up in their small town; at family gatherings, we still keep tabs on him and his brothers and sisters. Anyway, a lot of good stuff here, ranging from what exactly it is he does, to a heart-warming encounter with a couple of Iraqi boys on a basketball court, and another one regarding two expatriate translators, to finally, the inevitable stories about life on the FOB. From having the toilet seat in the Johnny on the Job so hot he couldn't take a dump to being told by a Colonel's PSD on a trip outside the gate that "If the shit hits the fan while we're out here, my job is to get the COL to safety, so if you don't beat us back to the SUV, you're on your own. It's nothing personal.", it's all there. Just keep on scrolling. Also, make sure to check out the comments...Uncle Stevie tends to have some pretty good ones; some of his recent are about mooning two cows on a run to get back to reality, and telling his only "shit story": taking a dump off a moving combine in Montana back in '72. Like I said, pretty good comments.

What are you waiting for? Go check him out!