Thursday, June 23, 2005

Off for a bit

Just when you thought I had returned, I must be going. I'm off to Florida with the family (....yay) until July 2nd. Beach for more than a few days, and then hittin' up the parks in Orlando. Maybe this year I'll actually be able to mooch some booze off of my parents, being college-bound and everything. Anyway, as you may well know, the 2nd is two days before one of the best holidays ever, the birthday of this great nation, the 4th of July! And my family is yet again hosting our extended family's Fourth party! Fireworks, illegally obtained, hopefully, will be the main attraction. As long as there isn't a repeat of a few years ago, where a huge artillery shell went up...came back down, (this is where we implemented the Monty Python egress procedure: "Run away! Run away!") and exploded 15 feet off the ground, almost catching every house in my cul-de-sac on fire. I digress. The point is that if I have time when I get back, expect something along the lines of a "Why America is Great" or "Why I love America" post. And if I don't have time, well, I'll be gone for a bit longer, and you should probably expect something different.

Just so this post actually has substance, I thought I would point out this Jonah Goldberg NRO column, about Dick Durbin and the left's obsession with comparing those that disagree with them to Hitler. Eric (who I need to link to more; he's a VERY good blogger...and no, I'm not trying to suck up or anything) has blogged on this subject, as well.

Last thing: as a precursor to my forthcoming historical perspective essay, check out Wretchard's latest, about how much things can change in just 40 years. Canada actually had balls, way back did the U.N.

Well, adieu/tschuss/ta-ta for now.