Thursday, May 19, 2005

The next Russ Vaughn?

First, a little background. This poem was written by a friend of mine for our religion class. Three times every semester we are required to get up in front of the class and provide the prayer that will open the class. The first time the prayer is based from Scripture, the second time the prayer is based off of something contemporary (often some sort of music), and the third time it is supposed to be something that you wrote yourself. This friend of mine is joining the Marine Corps Reserves and ships out to San Diego MCRD at the end of the month. So, without further ado, here is For God and For Country, by Greg Mucia.

It is one of the toughest decisions that anyone can make
Knowing full well that their life is at stake
And still they go, with courage and with pride
In the footsteps of their ancestors, who have suffered and died

They know what the cost is, they know the price
To die defending others, is the ultimate sacrifice
Jesus said it before, and wants us to heed the call
"To lay down one's life for a friend, is the greatest love of all"

Yet I hear people saying, why do we even care?
We don't know them, why their burdens must we bear?
Jesus tells us why, and wants us to see
"What you do to the least of my people, you do unto me"

When did we see you helpless Lord and not bother to care?
When did we see you naked and not give you clothes to wear?
When did we see you oppressed and all alone?
Did we bother to listen or did we ignore your suffering groans?

Give ue the strength to respect all of your creation
Show us your love; open the eyes of our nation
That seems to have lost their direction and their way
And is suffering the consequences of going astray

But there is hope for us all, when these brave souls come out
Put on their tidy uniform, like one devout
Who give their life for you and for me
Defending freedom in the states and far across the sea

The price of freedom has never been free
Yet the benefits from it are easy to see
Lives are lost to ensure our rights
And enforce God's will, the dignity of life

When people are oppressed and rights stripped away
It is our duty as Christians to fight in this way
We must give to others, what is by their right
The beauty of freedom, the eternal light

In our country, so powerful and great
We have put it off so long, no more can we wait
I believe in this country and am honored to serve
To follow those past, who never lost their nerve

I know the risk, but I know I must go
For those who are suffering, I can not say no
Our freedom is precious, a gift from above
Serving for God and for country, is what I truly love