Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dear American Soldier: SUCK IT!

Check out this seemingly innocent New York Post story (hat tip: Greyhawk): New York sixth-graders writing letters to a U.S. soldier stationed on the DMZ in South Korea. So far so good. The story gets nasty when you read what the students wrote:

"One Muslim boy wrote: 'Even thoe [sic] you are risking your life for our country, have you seen how many civilians you or some other soldier killed?' His letter, which was stamped with a smiley face, went on: 'I know your [sic] trying to save our country and kil the terrorists but you are also destroying holy places like Mosques.'"

Ferst of ahl, itz nice to cee tpat ar publik edumacation sistim iz diong such a good jab af edooketang tee netin's cilden (sic). Moving on, why any teacher would let this letter go out is beyond me. Later in the article, the principal makes a limp-wristed statement about how he would "never censor anything our children write." So, if a child wrote that he wanted to murder all of his classmates, you wouldn't censor that? What about if a child wanted to write the White House threatening to kill President Bush? Would you consider censoring the kid then?

The PFC that received these messages is 20 years old. He can't even buy a beer yet, but he is stationed on the DMZ, defending our freedom. It would be nice if teachers back here in the states could teach their students to respect that sacrifice, regardless of their personal politics or who is in the White House.