Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mid Week Rock, Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah...the other one is a crock thought up by a Black Nationalist Communist. If you haven't actually lived in Africa (particularly its garden spots), you shouldn't be allowed to celebrate it. And so ends the rant.

Monday, December 22, 2008

South Park Monday

Nothing kills evil Christmas Critters better than 00 buckshot.

This one's just good ol' fashioned South Park poop and fart joke humor.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Hanukkah

Link to a good Stewart/Colbert bit...gets a bit slow in the middle but the end is hilarious (no embed because Comedy Central's code was busted.)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Simply awesome. Whatever DJ is on KURE around 2300 on Fridays, I salute you. You pretty much made my night by playing this song:

Quote of the Day

Comes from the original "Mall Ninja":

"If Plan A is to take multiple .338 shots to the back, you really need to come up with a Plan B.”

If you haven't read the story, you really should. That quote is probably the least funny part of that article, which is saying something.

Friday, December 19, 2008


The time for action is now! I have just returned from a sojourn across the vast expanse of Ames. In that time, I did not see one single snowplow. Not a single plow! Can you imagine such a thing? Furthermore, the snow/sleet has been falling for several hours, yet South Dakota was not yet plowed. Not a bit! Lincoln Way was hit maybe once, and let us not even talk about Mortensen. We must take swift action to rectify these wrongs of the capitalist bourgeoisie! It is necessary to begin a People's Liberation Democratic Snow Plow Army! We will soon throw off the chains of immobility and begin the Revolution necessary to ensure freedom of transportation for all!

For our leader, I propose...The Plow King!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mid Week Rock

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have often bitched about the lack of snowplowing acumen in the Ames area. Generally speaking it is a safe bet to assume that most, if not all, of the snow clearance you see on city streets within 6 hours or so of snowfall is from people driving on it, not from the plows. Today, I figured out why this is the case.

Ames does not use plows on their trucks. No, seriously, I saw it myself. There was a truck driving around this morning spreading sand/salt mix that DIDN'T HAVE A PLOW. It wasn't just driving with the blade up, it DIDN'T HAVE A PLOW. At all. I mean, Jesus Christ...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dose of Dirty Harry

Who's we, sucka?

Smith...Wesson...and me

...Only with humans.

h/t: ELP


Cool Plane Pictures

Lots of cool ones at this site.

h/t: Danger Room


South Park Monday

Triple feature today to make sure we get in as many of the Christmas essentials before the 25th that we can...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monty Python vid dump

Vids that have provided some scant amusement during the past couple of weeks of slaving away at my Pol S project...

How I feel about hippies Design Students:

Would've been nice to have this guy at FT:

I don't even know what my favorite part of this sketch is...

I suspect this would be a lot funnier if I actually understood Cricket (and Americans think football [the real kind] is weird) but a guy getting his head lopped off by a machete in a sporting event is funny no matter what country you're from...

Suitable comment on the state of the British military at the moment, I think:

I think these two are tied for my favorite Flying Circus sketches...

One of the local PBS stations used to show Flying Circus later at night on the weekends when I was in junior high. Not having many friends and no cable had its benefits, I suppose.


Kept anonymous to protect the guilty...

Overheard: "In retrospect, actually reading the textbook for this course may have been a good strategy to get a decent grade."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, does it?

Yes, it is official, Yakety Sax makes ANYTHING funny.

Think I stole this from Radley Balko, who incidentally has a great post up describing how a few "very smart" government bureaucrats will never be as successful at managing an economy as Smith's "invisible hand" of billions of individual transactions per day. Also incidentally, in the comments there's a link to this excellent economic free market essay, "I, Pencil." If you haven't read it (and you should've already, it's a classic) you really should. Puts the folly of the current government meddling in the economy (bailouts and otherwise) into perspective.

Mid Week Rock

More Dos Gringos...thanks to redwyvernridermike for putting up some of the old songs that hadn't been up on YouTube for awhile. Good advice in this one for any wingman.

He only said Two, lead you're on fire, and save the fat one for me...

Monday, December 08, 2008

South Park Monday

More Christmas fun...


Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

A surprise attack...
A view of Battleship Row from a high altitude Japanese level bomber

A vicious attack...
The USS Shaw explodes

The damage was immense...

Wreckage of the USS Arizona
Wreckage of the USS Shaw

Rebuilding would be long and hard...
The USS Cassin and USS Downes partially sunk in drydock after the attackThe USS Oklahoma capsized

But necessary if we were to strike back...

And strike back we would...One last story from the day worth pondering, especially those of you who are set to commission in a matter of months...think that your learning curve will be gradual? Think that your first few months (or even years) in service will be simple, easy ones?

Think again (emphasis mine):

Serial 077
U.S.S. Aylwin
Pearl Harbor, T.H.
December 12, 1941

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander, Destroyers, Battle Force.
Subject: Action Taken During Enemy Air Raid – Report of.
Reference: (a) CINCPAC Despatch 102102 of December 1941.

  1. In accordance with reference (a), subject report is hereby submitted.
  2. The enemy attack commenced at 0755 with the Utah being torpedoed by planes. At 0758 this vessel and the other vessels in Desdiv. 2, berthed at buoy X-18, opened fire with main batteries and machine guns on dive bombers as they came in over Ford Island. This vessel with her main battery assisted in destroying about three planes. At 0800 preparations were made for getting underway. Fires were lighted under boilers #1 and 2 and cut in on the main steam line in 15 minutes. At 0828 received orders from Commander Destroyers Battle Force to get underway. About 0845 Monaghan was underway followed by the Dale and the Farragut. At 0850 a bomb exploded about 75 yards off the starboard bow. The Monaghan rammed a submarine 500 yards off the starboard quarter of the Curtiss. This vessel left anchor chain and stern wire at the buoys, stripped ship and got underway at about 0858. The Ralph Talbot, Henley and Patterson commenced sortie at this time. This vessel kept continuous fire while proceeding out of the channel. The combination of all machine guns got at least three planes.
  3. Ensign S. CAPLAN, senior officer aboard was in command. However Ensign ANDERSON is responsible for much of the vessel's successful operation. He made some very important decisions and showed remarkable ability as a ship handler. Ensigns CAPLAN and ANDERSON were on the bridge throughout the entire operation. Ensign REORDEN and SUTEROWSKI, CFC did excellent work on the directors. Ensign BRITTON was excellent as acting JOOD.
  4. The conduct of the personnel was magnificent. Because of missing men, the engineers with COCHRANE, CMM in charge stood their watches without any reliefs until 0700, Monday when the damage control party was sent below to help them. Every man did more than his job and was eager to fight.

    The following men besides those mentioned deserve special commendation: WILCOX, QM3c, ASHMAN, SM1c, COOK, GM2c, MIELZIEWSKI, GM2c, DAUBENSPECK, SM3c and TUCKER, EM1c, U.S. Navy.

  5. The conduct of Ensign S. CAPLAN, USNR, who has been at sea a total of eight months in superbly taking command for 36 hours during war operations of the severest type is a most amazing and outstanding achievement.


Copy to:

    Comdr., L.P. LOVETTE, USN

Eight months from commission to wartime command...not too shabby. As the CDR would say, fullbore.

Seen in the Armory

A (presumably) Design student brushing his teeth in the restroom.

Fucking hippies...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Double Homicide

Apparently there was a double homicide in the apartment next to mine this morning ("next to mine" being a relative phrase as the way the building is arranged it's actually across three garage bays from mine since mine is on the end of the building).

Don't know any details yet, I'm currently up at the Armory because it literally just happened a few hours ago...I drove up around 0245 from driving a friend home and the cops were just putting up crime scene tape. Talked to a cop who was going to let me park in an adjacent lot and sneak in a back way but figured I wasn't going to screw with dealing with the crime scene in the morning when I could just sleep up at the Armory. Anyway, I'll be posting more details as I get them.

Three thoughts, though. First, I'm not sure what this means but I don't really feel too bad about it and I'm apparently supposed to. (I have my suspicions about why this is and what it means, but I'm going to think on that some more.) Don't get me wrong, it's a tragedy (especially if, as I'm guessing based on the apartment the police seemed to be investigating, children were involved), but I don't feel particularly sick about it like the few people I've talked to about it apparently feel. The adrenaline didn't even really start pumping until I realized driving up to the Armory that, depending on the time (+/- an hour or so), it is somewhat probable that had I not given that friend a ride home I would have been coming home around the time the murders occurred, which brings me to my next point.

It is a damn travesty that simply because I am a resident of the state of Nebraska I am unable to arm myself while living in the state of Iowa. Iowa conceal carry law regarding non-residents is extremely restrictive in that they do not honor any other states' permits and that the only non-resident ones they grant are to either a) people for who it is necessary for their job (corrections officers, private investigators, etc.) or b) people who can demonstrate they have a pressing need for a weapon (being stalked, credible threats made against, etc.) For the rest of us there's the 911 "option," I guess (either you or whoever happens across your body), unless you happen to be assaulted in your own residence, which brings me to my third point.

Keeping my defensive gun unloaded and locked up ends now. (As an aside, at the moment that gun is my M-1 Carbine...not the best over-penetration and handling wise but it'll have to do until I get a suitable handgun. Only good thing is that coming out of my room heading towards the front door there isn't much to worry about with over-penetration, given the direction of the hallway, layout of the apartment and subsequent fields of fire, and the fact that we have an open field on one side and a garage bay on the other. But that's a topic for a different post.) There's more than a few what-ifs that I've played out in my head, all of which are purely speculative since I know nothing about what happened, but there's two that are particularly relevant. What if this was a random act of violence, what if I'd been home, and what if instead of my neighbor's door that got kicked in it was mine? At best I'm a fucking idiot for having the means to defend myself locked away and unusable for any sort of reaction to that sort of situation, but at least I'm alive. At worst I'm a dead fucking idiot. The other is what if it was my neighbor that got assaulted, but what if I was home and heard it happen? Instead of being able to react in the amount of time it takes me to grab my gun and charge it, I would be at least 30 seconds away for the time it takes me to unlock the gun, fill a magazine, and load my gun. Maybe that's the difference between double homicide and just a homicide or attempted murder. Probably not. But the fact remains that in one situation I at least have the capability to react. The other I don't. That's unacceptable, and it ends now.

One final thought: I think this incident should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who relies on the argument of "that sort of thing doesn't happen here." My apartment complex is a mix of college students and lower middle class workers with some teachers mixed in (Ames Middle School is right next door), not super nice but by no means a bad neighborhood. The people who I think had the double homicide happen to were not college students but were by no means sketchy gang bangers or anything like that (given what I know about them, I've got a few theories about what happened, but I'll wait to find out more details before I share those). The point is that while it is highly statistically unlikely that this sort of thing will happen if you live in a "good" neighborhood, blind hope in the odds is not a particularly effective strategy, especially when those odds come up short.

UPDATE: Here's a link to a story about the case. Haven't been back to my apartment yet but it sounds like the deceased male was found on the road in front of my complex while the deceased female was found in an apartment next to mine with a trail of bloody footprints leading up to it. The material witness is a 33 year old ISU student. It appears at the moment that a knife was involved in the murders.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mid Week Rock

Speaking of the Last of the Breed...

Ignore the crappy visuals from BF2, the music is worth it. Probably something in the song applicable to "ethos" as well...


There's been a fair amount of talk among the Naval blogs recently about Ethos, in conjunction with the release of their new "ethos." Lots of good stuff, but I'm surprised no one pulled out this old gem (believe I stole it from Lex's awhile ago):

On June 4, 1942, near Midway Island in the Pacific, many naval aviators and flight crews gave their lives to unflinchingly pursue and destroy a powerful Japanese invasion force of superior aircraft carrier strength.

These men of Torpedo Squadron Eight are gone.

The memory of their courage and determination will forever be an ideal for Navy flying men to follow.

These men, pilots and flight crews of other squadrons who participated in this action, have written the most brilliant pages in the glowing history of our Naval air forces.

Lex's prose is worth checking out, but if you don't take anything else from it, take this:

“If there is only one plane left to make a final run-in,” he told his men, “I want that man to go in and get a hit. May God be with us all. Good luck, happy landings, and give ‘em hell.”
–LCDR John C. Waldron

Ethos. Full stop.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Shut up, you dirty Baathist!"

-The chief judge of Chemical Ali's trial, addressing him after he expounded upon the "Persian-U.S." occupation during his sentencing.

Last of the Breed

Speaking of Mustang heritage flights...

Pic o' the day

Heritage Flights - Before they were cool (click for high-res):