Saturday, November 29, 2008

The more things change...

SJS has a pretty cool photo essay making use of the recently released LIFE photo archives. Given my future career field of munitions, I figured that would be as good of place as any to start (click on all for higher-res):
Is that a uniform? Looks almost like he's wearing the same overalls as a civilian mechanic. Between that and all the B-18s in the background, good statement on America's pre-war readiness.

That's more like it.
Something makes me think these guys have never heard of ORM.

I've always thought this was a pretty cool picture.
I think we're soon going to see this kind of effort and readiness in the nuclear field again...Gen. LeMay can quit rolling over in his grave.
Bombing Saddam......and doing the same 13 years later. (Last picture taken from