Monday, August 04, 2008


Choices choices...

My next gun purchase is going to be one of the next four. It depends on a few things. First, I have $200 in gift cards to Wally World. If I can find one that sells firearms and it has what I'm looking for, this or a suitable substitute will be my purchase:

Ruger 10/22:However, if somehow I am unable to use said gift cards on firearms purchase, I have three remaining choices. The first is relatively time sensitive. The CMP is having some M1917 Enfields go up for sale at the beginning of September and the Enfield is on my list of guns to own at some point, so it is tempting. However, the quality is far from assured, and the price is somewhat steep for a semi-unknown quality gun. But these guns (especially in an unaltered unsporterized condition) are getting rarer and rarer. And it was the gun Sgt. York used.Failing that, there is my old standby (at least till I get one) a service grade Springfield Armory Garand from the CMP.
Finally, if I decide that I need to wait for a bit longer for a gun, I might save up enough to get my current dream handgun, a Kimber Custom TLE/RL II. Don't think any further comment is needed for this one.

Like I said, choices choices.