Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sentry Solutions

In all my gun blogging, I've forgotten to put in a plug for Sentry Solutions. They make several protection and lubrication products for guns, knives, and just about any other sort of metal tool. The products all use dry film technology, which means they are applied using a liquid carrier agent (usually either mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol, depending on the product) which then dries off, leaving the dry compound on the surface to do its job. Their product line ranges from a cloth to wipe down exterior surfaces to provide corrosion protection to a bore treatment that severely reduces cleaning time to powder for fine tuning sensitive areas like bolts and trigger sears and a lot of other stuff.

Their products are, simply put, the shit. I made sure to give my carbine the once over with all their applicable products once I got the cosmoline off. After I took her out the first time and put ~200 rounds through, all it took to get the bore mirror shiny again was once through with the brush and one patch. That was it. Granted, 200 rounds isn't much, but I was still impressed. Don't just take my word for it, though. I also use the product on all the knives I own and I have yet to have a significant problem (minus one slight case of surface rust on a knife, which was my fault for a) using a dried out tuf cloth and b) putting the knife in an extreme corrosion situation).

Like I said, it's the shit. If you use firearms and/or knives and you aren't using their products, you should really give them a try.