Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Man Budget

A portion of my budget every month is devoted to manly things. This could be anything from something as simple as some Break Free CLP and duct tape to a new knife. Items that qualify for inclusion on the man budget include: knives, duct tape, firearms, Break Free, beer, ammunition, tools, POWER tools, trips to the firing range, motor oil, first aid kits, Tuf-Cloth, flashlights, and about 50 other things. If it will help you do better in a man related activity (building things, shooting things, killing things, fixing things, being prepared, etc.) then it falls under the Man Budget.

This month's man budget purchase was a roll of duct tape, a tape measure, and a level. The duct tape was because I was almost out, while the tape measure and the level were as a result of going to work on the AFROTC float for VEISHEA and realizing that I did not have either of these essential pieces of equipment and that this was as good an excuse as any for purchasing them.