Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting Old

How to tell you might be getting old: when your Friday night consists of perusing your collection of International Security issues in order to write a policy paper while (and here's the kicker) drinking Scotch. Black Label, of course. On the rocks, two cubes, no more, no less. Drinking Scotch mixed is a crime before God and all things that are holy, and using more than two cubes is almost as serious of an offense.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sass for pointing out that I bitch like a 40 year old during PT sessions. I think part of it is due to my leg joints still recovering from my lack of proper footwear during the first half of the semester and part of it is due to me just being ridiculously out of shape, but I have been hurting big time both during the past couple of PT sessions and for about a day and a half afterwards.