Tuesday, April 29, 2008


AFSCs came down today: 21M1, Munitions and Missile Maintenance.

Yeah, can't say I was expecting that one. The projected numbers were for a grand total of 9 to be selected from ROTC nationwide out of a total of 531 non rated non tech job slots. For those of you that are wondering, those 9 are 1.7% of the total slots. And I got one of them. Talk about rolling the dice and coming up a little short. But it isn't all bad...I did put it down (last) on my sheet, so I can't complain too much. And I was a little worried that this was just going to be ICBM maintenance (the AFMANs and AFIs I was able to track down were kind of confusing on this point) but I'm now pretty sure that 21M also includes munitions (as evidenced by the "Munitions" in the job title...like I said, the AFMANs are confusing). As long as that's the case and I'm not stuck working on ICBMs and are thus able to be deployed to do a real job, I'll be happy.

UPDATE: Based on the bases I can request assignment at, it's pretty clear that 21M includes Munitions/Ammo. So anyone know any munitions officers?