Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's On Tonight

First, a preview for a new series on PBS: "Carrier."

CARRIER is a character-driven, edge-of-your-seat, nonfiction drama and a once-in-a-lifetime total immersion in the high-stakes world of a nuclear aircraft carrier. CARRIER follows a core group of film participants aboard the USS Nimitz, from the admiral of the strike group to the fighter pilots to the youngest sailors, as they navigate personal conflicts around their jobs, families, faith, patriotism, love, the rites of passage and the war on terror.

The USS Nimitz is 24 stories high, three football fields long and carries more than 5,000 Navy personnel and 85 military aircraft. Filmed from May to November 2005, nearly 2,000 hours of high-definition video were captured aboard the ship during a full six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf, of which three months were spent in combat in support of the ground troops. For the first time, a television series takes a raw and personal look at the Navy’s role in this controversial war.
It looks pretty good, especially because it looks like it's going to focus on the junior enlisted sailors running around the flight deck and doing the other numerous mundane jobs that it takes to make a carrier run as opposed to the officer and flight crew centric focus these things tend to have. It's a ten part series and it premieres 27 April. Link to the official site here.

Next up, this gem:

Finally, the new episode of South Park!