Friday, March 21, 2008

Drunk College Students + Dynamite = Awesomeness

Three spring breakers were arrested after an explosion rocked two hotel guests from their bed and shattered the windows of their Daytona Beach Shores hotel room around 2:30am Friday.


When officers first arrived, they found three safety windows had been shattered, along with a metal light pole that had been destroyed. They also noticed metal and glass debris scattered across a 100-foot area."The wife, she grabbed the kids and took ‘em to the bathroom and I hit the deck and looked out the window to see where it was coming from," said vacationer Terry Morris.The Morris family, from Kansas, thought maybe someone was shooting at them as glass shattered inside their hotel room.
h/t: Instapundit, who says that "When your spring break partying involves dynamite, you're partying too hard."

I respectfully disagree. I think they weren't partying hard enough. Now, when your spring break partying involves C4 and maybe a Javelin or SMAW or two, then get back to me.