Saturday, December 01, 2007

Patches, Part II

I put up a post earlier this week about some ridiculous patches. In the meantime, Danger Room has put up quite a few more. I think my favorites are Lakenheath Is Bombing Your Ass (LIBYA), "Objectives in Sight," and of course, the ubiquitous "Morale Stops Here" patch featuring one flight suit dressed airman kicking another flight suit dressed airman in the groin. Like I said in a comment over there, I have seen that patch featuring quite a few airframes and AORs, although I think the most common are AWACS, JSTARS, USAFE, and CENTCOM/CENTAF.

So to continue, I did some digging of my own. Here's what I found:

Jiminy Cricket, 23rd Tactical Air Support Squadron FAC

Crotch kicking: it's not just for USAFE

Snakes and a plane
Forget snakes, now we've got dragons!

I've got many more, but we'll cut it off here for now. Just one more, probably the favorite of all the ones I dug up.