Monday, October 15, 2007

My new tools

Click on the pic for high-res.

A Columbia River Knife & Tool M16-13SF and a Maglite 3 AA LED. The knife has a 3.5'' blade. I like the true hilt and the fact that I can have a virtual fixed blade with the LAWKS system. The knife is light enough for easy everyday carry. It has a nice look to it, if I do say so myself. Black, useful, and durable but not too "tactical." The blade looks pretty vicious. As for the Maglite, it is BRIGHT. Yay for LEDs.

The best thing about the whole deal? I was able to get a package that would've cost me around $135 MSRP for $85 (that includes shipping and handling). Thank you!

And thanks to my roommate Kevin for the camera and the picture.