Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mid-week AC/DC

Was rocking to this when I was up at the Armory on Monday doing two hours of mid-term evals for my cadets. No real reason other than it's the middle of the week and I could use me some AC/DC.

There is actually a quick story that goes along with this song, though. Back in junior high I was on a high adventure trip with my Boy Scout troop out in Colorado. Our guide was this total ski bum hippie named Decker. He hiked the entire 50 miles in sandals, which is actually pretty comfortable as long as you have tough feet. Way better than boots. But I digress. We're heading out to the trailhead in these old '70s Ford crew vans and he's like, "We need some tunes." He digs around for awhile and eventually comes up with this old tape. Throws it in and cranks it. I still think of that every time I hear this song.