Friday, October 05, 2007

Sitemeter fun

As I was browsing sitemeter this evening because, well, I'm bored, I noticed a rather interesting hit. I occasionally get hits from .mil addresses, two big ones have been my posts on the Airmen's Creed and the "Hot Cuz I'm Deployed" video. Occasionally they're from deployed bases, more often than not they're just standard stateside. However, this hit was of a rather different nature...from the Pentagon, and it hit my recent post on the brouhaha surrounding the decision to require reservist mechanics to wear the uniform even when they aren't drilling. I did ask Secretary Wynne and CSAF Moseley a question at the end of the post, so maybe they're listening? Doubt it, but still, just something I found rather amusing.

In any case, to whoever is perusing this site from the Pentagon, CHANGE YOUR MONITOR SETTINGS!!! There is absolutely NO reason to have a monitor set at 16 bits, especially when your resolution is set at 1024 x 768. You're running XP, you have IE 7.0, change the settings! Oh, and while you're at it, get rid of Internet Exploder.