Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Iran draws up plans to bomb Israel"

No, really:
TEHRAN, Iran - The deputy commander of Iran's air force said Wednesday that plans have been drawn up to bomb Israel if the Jewish state attacks Iran, according to the semiofficial Fars news agency.


"We have drawn up a plan to strike back at Israel with our bombers if this regime (Israel) makes a silly mistake," Gen. Mohammad Alavi was quoted as telling Fars in an interview.

Fars confirmed the quotes when contacted by The Associated Press, but would not provide a tape of the interview. The Iranian air force had no immediate comment.


Alavi also warned that Israel was within Iran's medium-range missiles and its fighter bombers, while maintaining that Israel was not strong enough to launch an aerial attack against Iran.

"The whole territory of this regime is within the range of our missiles. Moreover, we can attack their territory with our fighter bombers as a response to any attack," the general said.

An upgraded version of Iran's Shahab-3 missile has a range of 1,250 miles, capable of reaching Israel and carrying a nuclear warhead.

Alavi said Iran's radar bases were monitoring activities at the country's borders around the clock and boasted that it had the capability to confront U.S. cruise missiles.

"One of the issues the enemies make publicity about is their cruise missiles. Now, we possess the necessary systems to confront them," Alavi was quoted as saying.

In other news, "I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad."

I will concede that the Shahab-3 could maybe pose a threat...which is why Israel has these and these. The fighter-bombers? What, the Azarakhsh? Or maybe the forthcoming "fourth generation" Shafaq. Gen. Alavi needs to check with his buddies over in the IRCG. They know how to hit a western military power.

Hint: you don't do it with missiles and fighter bombers.