Saturday, September 15, 2007


...or something. It's just a little hard to get excited for this game when you know that we're going to get our asses handed to us. I was flipping through the channels and caught the "State of the Nation" pre-game show (a weekly local access show about the Cyclones and Hawks, although it has somewhat higher production values because it's more of a state access show...anyway). They were doing the standard run-down of which team has the advantage in various areas...quarterback, running backs, linebackers, d-line, o-line, etc. The Hawk guy would discuss a little bit about the player(s) for the two teams, then ask the Cyclone guy for who he felt had the advantage; the Cyclone fan always responded with a simple despondent "...Hawks." The two funniest moments were when they were discussing the kicking game..."Now we turn to the kicking ga-" "...hawks." "Are you sure? I mean, Culbertson is a senio-" "HAWKS!" "Ooookay, let's look at punting...Brandtner for ISU had a pretty good game last week, while Iowa's Donahue has struggled as of late." "...hawks." "Are you sure? I mean, Donahue had a 7 yard squib last week...he wouldn't have gotten the first down if they had given him the kicking yardage." "Hawks."

Yeah. It's gonna be one of those afternoons. Fortunately I have a considerable amount of homework to keep me occupied, to say nothing of the fact that I've got a 10 minute speech/presentation/briefing that I've got to give next Tuesday in honor of the USAF's 60th birthday. I'm sure I'll have the game on in the background, but it's questionable if I'll be watching.