Thursday, August 23, 2007

FT Stuff, part VI

Today's installment is basically me at FLX looking like a badass.

Well, maybe not looking like a badass, but I could sure kill me some Hamanistanis (the name of the Opfor's country) with my rubber duckie.

That's me in the middle wearing the glasses. You'll notice that, unlike the rest of our flight, me and the cadet next to me have our rifles unslung, ready for action. Actually, that was because our rifles didn't have a sling. Nothing but the best for AFROTC. But I like the first version better.Kilo (my flight) and Lima (my sister flight) responding as the QRF (Quick Response Force) to a protest of hippies (aka - CTAs) at the front gate. They promised, among other things, Birkenstocks for everyone. We weren't buying it.

Getting debriefed by the SF MSgt from the FLX Cadre after responding to the protest. Me again in the middle with red rubber duckie slung over my shoulder. Switched out rifles from the earlier picture. Flak vests and Kevlars in Alabama in the summer are hot. Granted, it's hotter and they're heavier over in the desert, but they also have camelbacks. Camelbacks are a LOT more accessible than the canteens we were using. The only way to get your canteens and web belt off your body was to undo or fully take off your flak vest. It was a pretty big pain in the ass.

Real quick funny story from FLX involving some more stupid cadets. When the QRF got to the gate to respond to the protest, there were some SF people already there that helped us out. One of the SF personnel asked me if there was any way for us to simulate throwing tear gas at the protesters, because she thought that would be a good idea.

Again, I was literally speechless. After a second or two of reflection, I told her that a) I didn't think there was any way we could simulate throwing tear gas and that b) even if we could, that is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. Yeah, I snapped. I was hot and cranky. I actually bit my tongue, because I was *this* close to suggesting that maybe the USAF wasn't for her and that she should consider a career with the LAPD.

A comment like that is bad enough, but when you consider that said female was of the African-American persuasion, well...let's just say it was probably a good thing I bit my tongue.