Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lou Dobbs is an Idiot

Not really news, but like Radley Balko said, Lou Dobbs just makes me laugh anymore.

h/t: The Agitator

Apparently, in Mr. Dobbs' universe, "free enterprise" and the "free market" are two completely separate things. I'm going to do a bit of reading in between the lines here as to what Mr. Dobbs is trying to get across to his audience, none of whom I would be willing to wager are under 50.

The first is good, where men would go to work at their union job at the factory every day as hard working WHITE Americans, come home to a "loving" wife and family in a crappy house in the suburbs, and give half their money to government so when they got old they could have a not so nice existence for the last of their pitiful life.

The second is when we open the borders and let all the eeeeeeeevil MEXICANS across, thereby causing every decent white American to be put out of work, because, well, no REAL American should have to work for less than $10.00 an hour, there'll be a few terrorists in the mix and before you know it we'll have mushroom clouds in every major U.S. city. It'll be like 24 brought to life, except there will be a burrito stand on every corner and everyone will be speaking MEXICAN. And then the U.N. along with the Chinese use NAFTA to take over the country.

I apologize for the incomprehensibility of the previous paragraph...I was just channeling Lou Dobbs' viewers. They don't seem to be the type that are very good at rationality.