Saturday, July 21, 2007

FT Stuff, part I

This originally was going to be a post about the Prop and Wings Challenge we had to go through to get the Prop and Wings for our covers, but then I read a list of good memories from Field Training on facebook and I came up with one that I had forgotten about that I absolutely have to share. The Prop and Wings story will have to wait because this story needs to be told before I forget about it again...

So it's TD-23 or so and it's near the end of training so we're starting to get a little crazy. One of my roommates was lying down on the floor in our room taking a little break (a big no-no) but not a big deal since our door was shut because someone was "changing." (You're only allowed to have your door shut if someone in the room was changing, but doors were closed so often people must've changed clothes 6 times a day.) Anyway, I mention to him that I'll give him $50 to do that out in the hallway. It was one of my standard comments whenever someone was doing something in the room that was forbidden. He chuckles a bit, but then one of my other roommates looks at me with this dead serious look on his face and tells me that he'll take that bet. I'm like, "Are you friggin' serious?!?" His response is, "How much money you wanna put on it and how long am I out there?"

So we agree that the bet is he lies down out in the middle of the no-fly zone, which is a taped off area in the middle of the hallway that only staff are allowed in, for 20 seconds and that I'll pay him $20. He gets out in the hallway and lies down, I start my watch. 20 seconds later he gets up and runs back inside. We then proceed to roll on the floor laughing for several minutes. We ended up settling the bet with me just giving him the watch I had let him borrow for most of FT.