Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stick a Fork in NATO?

"NATO seeks more troops in Afghanistan."

Hmm...where have I heard this before? Ah, that's right. "No new commitments for NATO Afghan force." 5 months later and NATO STILL doesn't have adequate amounts of forces in-country. We have tough talk from German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "In Afghanistan our alliance is being particularly tested. It is indisputable that the Taliban are testing our determination."

And in the case of your country, has found that determination wanting. If the battle is so important, perhaps you could find it within your national will to deploy your troops where they might actually be shot at. Same goes for you, Spain, France, and Italy. Either you are part of NATO, or you aren't. Right now NATO is involved in a war. You can stand and fight, or you can get the hell out and be revealed for the cowards you are. If nothing is done, Canada very well might leave. And understandably so. 46 of her young men and women have died to bring freedom and stability to the people of Afghanistan while some of their erstwhile allies have stood by and watched from the relative sidelines of the north.

NATO is a military alliance with a goal of collective security for all members. If some members aren't willing to contribute to that security, they need to be asked to leave.