Sunday, February 11, 2007

Good Stuff from AFA

Couple of good features in the AFA mag's most recent issue. First, a good article on TF 1041, a group of 200 or so Security Forces Airmen who, back in 2005, made it their mission to secure Balad AB from the Rocket Man. This was the first instance of USAF SF taking offensive action since the Vietnam War. A good read, and interesting to ponder what it means for force protection in our increasingly joint environment.

Next, an awesome color photo spread (pdf warning) of bombers over Korea. They did a similar feature a few months ago on the Sabre, and this one is no less impressive.

Finally, an instructive chart that really shows where our national priorities have gone. Take defense spending as a percent of the GDP and set it next to entitlement spending as a percent of the GDP. While the results might not surprise you, they do provide a sad commentary on where this country is headed.