Monday, January 29, 2007

Makes You Wonder Why

No one in this country takes the U.N. seriously. IAEA Director El Baradei called for a "timeout" in the showdown between the U.N. and Iran over Iran's nuclear program. El Baradei also reportedly said that Iran would be sent to their room with supper, and if this kept up, the belt might come out.

Jesus, did he really say that? Yes, he did. The U.N. passes watered down sanctions and then refuses to enforce them...when have we seen this before? Oh, that's right...more or less every U.N. action since 1991 or so.

In any case, we also had this lovely soundbite from the chief negotiator:

"Iran's nuclear issue has different angles and sides to it, and does not have a simple one-line solution," he said in Tehran."

I've got a one line solution for you: B61 Mod 11.