Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cheap and Tawdry

You know, for all the slamming I do of our government, and the military in particular, for their not understanding the principles of 4GW and the importance of the media and perceptions, I can be thankful that those domestically who are on the other side are even less competent. (Less competent than the, that's a low blow.)


Also in attendance were Sean "I went to Iraq, you know" Penn, Susan "skills are fading with age" Sarandon, Tim "guuuard" Robbins, Rep. John "IMPEACHMENT!!!!111" Conyers, and a 12 year old who organized a petition drive to end the war in her school. If this is the brain trust the left puts together to oppose the war, I think we should feel pretty secure that things will be fine.