Monday, January 22, 2007

Best Show on TV

Rebecca Cusey nails it:

"The enemy is relentless. Where they occupy and control, they enforce their unyielding rules mercilessly. Areas they don’t control, they infiltrate. They seduce our friends, bunk next to our families, and creep into our military. Taking advantage of the freedoms of an open society, they make themselves indistinguishable from us. We know that agents are in our midst, but we do not know who they are until they unleash their violent mission upon us. Fanatically dedicated to a strict monotheism which calls for the extermination of an entire race, they are committed to winning by any means necessary. Radical Islam? No, this is the plight of the rag-tag band of human survivors in the Sci-Fi Channel’s surprise hit Battlestar Galactica. The show starts up again after an agonizingly long break on Sunday, January 21.

Wrapped in traditional sci-fi fare of space ships, robots, and laser-beam battles, Battlestar Galactica transcends its genre to appeal to a galaxy far, far beyond sci-fi lovers. There are no aliens with odd hair-dos, half-naked astrobabes, geeky space “anomalies,” or sanitized utopian ideals. Instead, the show focuses on gritty humans desperate to survive disaster."

Like I said over at the Cdr's place, I'm no Navel (sic) Aviator (capital N, capital A), but I don't think I've seen a better portrayal of life on board a carrier or life in the military as a whole. In the 3 seasons they've covered almost every major military command issue. Stress of continuous ops, civilian control of the military, civilian/military relations, fraternization, training nuggets, loneliness of command, the calculus of how many to leave behind, the necessity of sacrifice, and so much more.

If you're at all interested in military culture and how those in the military view things, there is no better show on TV to get inside that mindset.

h/t: The Cdr.