Sunday, December 10, 2006


Those dang A-rabs all look the same to me. So sayeth the incoming chair of the Intel Committee. He apparently was under the impression that al-Q is primarily made up of Shi'ites, not Sunnis. Oops. But lest you think I'm partisan, at least he knew there was a difference. Two GOP members of the committee didn't understand the difference between the divisions in Islam. Neither did several top FBI counter-terror officials. Hell, Trent Lott actually SAID that "they all look the same to me."

So how is it that someone who is getting paid $165,200 a year to supposedly provide oversight for the intelligence community doesn't even know the basic differences between Muslims and someone like me, who isn't even technically studying it, much less getting paid for it, is able to explain the minute differences between the different sects at a drop of a hat? There's really no excuse for this kind of ignorance. We're 5 years into a war that's been going on for 30 and our leadership doesn't even know the very basics of the people we're fighting.

Like I said. Disgusting.

h/t: Milblogs.