Sunday, December 10, 2006

No Way

From the Beeb: "Civilians killed in Darfur attack."

Most understated headline ever.

While we're talking about Darfur, was following the links earlier this week and came across a pretty cool blog, called "Soldier of Africa." It's written by a South African Air Assault Captain who is currently part of the AU Mission to Darfur. It's a rather unique perspective into a part of the world that lacks a lot of first person reporting. Also, he's got pictures!

In other news, I've gone through all 5 stages of Brendan Loy's 5 Stages of Exam Preparation. Exams start tomorrow, and end on Tuesday. Which isn't too bad, until you consider that I have to take a Calc III exam and Physics exam on the same day...separated by 3 hours. Oh well, then I'll be done with enginerding and on to getting a B.A. in, political science.

Finally, this is mainly for my dad because I know he'll appreciate it, since he had to deal with "the Bobs" at work, but I think everyone who's ever dealt with a consultant will like it. Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, came up with this idea: "My goal is to see if a group of executives will allow somebody who has very few credentials, except for good hair, to come into their meeting and get them to write a mission statement which is so impossibly complicated that it has no real content." The results are hi-larious. Check it out.