Monday, November 06, 2006

Valour-IT update (II)

Air Force is currently just a little short of halfway of our goal, with a little under a week to go. So good job for that, but we still need to keep pressing on, especially to pick up the slack from the Navy, who are still over $3,000 behind us. For motivation, just remember...Captain Wedley will find you if you don't contribute:

Edit: CAPTAIN WEDLEY IS PISSED!! And so am I...the Navy pulled an end around overnight, somehow coming up with 5,000 odd dollars worth of money to go from last to first. This is completely unacceptable, for numerous reasons, the least of which is that I refuse to be forced to defile these pages with a bumpy, ugly, no-flairin' NAVY aircraft. Come on Team Air Force! Don't let me down...