Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The toddlers who follow Mohammad (GFAP)

"Denmark warns of new cartoon crisis."

This provides an interesting test case, because apparently these "cartoons" were simple drawings done at a Danish People's Party youth meeting. The students got a little intoxicated and decided to start drawing cartoons of Mohammad (GFAP), including some that showed Him (GFAP) portrayed as a urinating beer-drinking camel and others that showed Him (GFAP) surrounded by beer cans and explosives. Not exactly the most intellectual of activities. But regardless, free speech is absolute (fighting words notwithstanding.) As Chap said the other day, "Beware the evil in the word “but”." (Said in a post that linked an excellent and timely essay on free speech, found here.) On the basis of free speech alone, we have to defend these people, however odious their views. For the record, I really don't care for this party at all: they're in favor of conscription, welfare, and an authoritarian style of government. According to them, nationalism and feudal rule are more important than the individual. So I don't particularly care for them or their kind, but they are being threatened on the basis of their speech. And as such, we have to close ranks.

In closing, I'll just reference the pictures to your right. And say that: