Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hagel triangulates to the right

I'm sorry, but after the man compared Iraq to Vietnam and said we were losing (without any context) I view everything he says through a very cynical prism. According to Senator Hagel, the GOP has lost its way. Well, duh. When the party of "fiscal responsibility" is running up record deficits and refuses to fight pork spending, then yes, I'd say it's lost its way. When the party of free trade continues to enact protective tariffs, then yes, I'd say it's lost its way. While he's been a staunch international free trade defender, I'm pretty sure he could do a little more about pork.

And regardless of how sincere he is, I can't view this as anything more than triangulation. It's good to see someone higher up in the GOP speaking of a return to what the party is supposed to be all about, but I'll reserve my applause for when he actually does something about it.