Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dude, I'm getting a Dell!

My new Inspiron laptop came in today...1.67 Ghz dual core processor, 17 inch high def screen, 120 GB hard drive, 1GB RAM...yeah, I'm happy. So blogging will be light over the next couple of days as I get that up and running and transfer everything over from my elderly Gateway.

Real quick, it looks like Somalia's interim government continues to fall apart as another 11 ministers resigned yesterday. Also interesting in that article is that it appears that Somalia's president and PM really have no communication as President Abdullahi Yusuf dispatched a delegation to Khartoum to meet with Arab League mediators and representatives of the UIC, but PM Ali Mohamed Gedi said that the talks had been postponed and that he didn't know if the UIC would even show up (unlikely given their statements that no negotiations will take place until Ethiopian troops leave the country).

"I don't know why this team is going to Khartoum or who they would represent," Gedi said.