Thursday, July 27, 2006

More bad news out of Somalia

As blogged about previously, Somalia is deteriorating. It now appears that events are picking up speed, as more and more of Somalia's parliament and government resigns in the face of Islamists who control most of the country and are now within striking distance of the government. Also, it now appears the Eritrea is arming the Islamists. While this should come as no surprise considering that Ethiopia and Eritrea are bitter enemies, it is not good news. I certainly hope people in the U.S. government are taking this more seriously than the rest of the world seems to be, because this is quite reminiscient of Afghanistan circa 1996. We need to treat this as the threat to world security that it is. Terrorists operate in the havens provided by failed states; it doesn't get much more failed than Somalia. And the more failed the state is, the freer the terrorists are to operate.