Monday, March 07, 2005

More blogroll additions

I've added a couple more blogs to the blogroll. First is Doc in the Box, the blog of a Navy Corpsman attached to a Marine Helicopter unit who is currently on his second tour in the Sandbox. Next is Major Mike, a retired Marine Officer who has a blog that I would dare say is on the same level as Smash or Blackfive, which says a lot. Then there is SF Alpha Geek, who writes a blog of similar quality, and who also has really interesting and informative stories of actual special forces operations in the GWOT. Red2Alpha is an infantryman currently station in Iraq who is a great writer, and who doesn't pull any punches regarding his superiors. Finally, there is Air Force Voices, an actual AIR FORCE BLOG!!! I know, get excited, I didn't think anyone in the Air Force actually knew blogs existed. I guess I was wrong.

As always, check out these sites, look around, and if you see what you like, come back.