Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun with Bureaucracy

I think the people in the ISU bureaucracy may be some of the stupidest on the face of the planet. I was given the task of revising the constitution of the AFROTC student organization on campus (we have a "separate" student organization that is university affiliated so we can get the benefits of being a stuorg). It is no different than the cadet wing associated with AFROTC Det. 250, it's just a technicality paperwork thing to get us benefits.

Anyway, the constitution needed to be revised in order to fully comply with ISU rules regarding stuorgs. To start off, one of the issues was that the name of the organization was not listed. Having "Air Force ROTC Constitution" at the top of the document wasn't a clue? To deal with this stupidity I included the following sentences:

"As stated two lines above, the name of this organization is "Air Force ROTC." In case you didn't catch it the first time, the name of this organization is "Air Force ROTC."

The next stupidity I had to deal with was adding a section extolling our desire to fully comply with all ISU rules and regulations. Fair enough, but I felt compelled to add the following at the end of that sentence: "...and any other arcane bureaucracy that is foisted on us."

We are apparently required to provide for the election of stuorg officers. Since it is a military related organization, there are obviously no elections. However, in that section I did include what happens in case of a coup or insurrection.

Finally, I was required to add a section providing descriptions for the officer positions. To the wing commander position I added "Also generally acts like a bad dude." The treasurer is described as "the master of treasure." My favorite was the description of my position, the IG. As soon as the new constitution is approved, I am authorized to "engage in skullduggery and shenanigans as required."