Friday, October 03, 2008

The wooden arrow, geothermal energy, motorsports, and American Samoa Support Act of 2008

It passed. And when I say it, this is the bill I'm talking about. This Congress can't even pass a bill that it deems essential and vital without loading it up with pork. Speaker Pelosi admitted in her final remarks during time for debate that a) neither she, nor any other Congresscritter, nor anyone in the Administration had any idea how much money was actually going to be needed; b) none of the afore mentioned people had any idea whether or not this was going to work; and c) the only reassurance that we have that the American taxpayer isn't getting screwed is this nebulous idea of "fees" paying for any possible shortfall if the government isn't able to turn a profit on these assets.

The government (Democrat AND Republican) created this problem through insisting that everyone own a home and by turning a blind eye to funny money financial practices (mainly because it uses similar practices on a regular basis). Now we expect government to be singlehandedly able to fix the problem. Given this poll, it's all the more amazing to me that we're stuck with the current politicians scumsuckers.

Our country deserves all of these morons.

UPDATE: My Congressman the Hon. Lee Terry voted in support of the bill, which he called "not the perfect solution, it’s not even a good one," because "I can’t look into the eyes of someone who has just lost their job and say, "I did nothing to help"."

The fact that a Republican is able to say that last sentence with a straight face shows how far the party has fallen into the fever swamps of populism. Chalk up one more "none of the above" vote for me.

Update Part II, electric boogaloo: You know how the government helped cause this crisis by meddling in the mortgage market? It's planning on fixing it by doing the same damn thing.

The crash is inevitable, it's only a matter of time and how severe. Thanks to this bill, the can has been kicked down the road. On behalf of my generation, I'd like to thank Congress for doing the politically expedient thing and (possibly) preventing the mild pain of the Baby Boomers in favor of royally fucking us over.