Friday, September 12, 2008

102 Minutes that Changed America

This was definitely the toughest thing I've watched in awhile. Like the NYT review says, if you think you might be in the group that can't handle revisiting that day, this isn't for you. BZ to the History Channel for putting this together and not caving to those that would say that showing explicit video of the attacks is "exploiting the victims" (or whatever the Olber-idiot is saying this week). If you think you can bear to watch it, it's required viewing.

But the key consideration is if you can bear to watch it...watching this was the closest I've felt to the feelings I had that day. If anything, the feelings were more intense because of the up close and personal nature of the videos. There are jumpers...numerous shots of the jumpers, including a few close up. There are shots of Squad 288, that lost 19 men. There are shots of several injuries, included more than a few that looked very serious. There are shots of fatalities. There are shots that convey the sheer terror and helplessness that were felt that day...the one that stands out to me is the reaction of two females after the second plane hit. It was quite possibly the most terrified I have ever heard someone captured on video. There are eerie shots right by the towers of the immediate aftermath of the towers falling. More than a few examples of the thousand yard stare on the faces of first responders after the towers fell.

Bottom line: it was more than worth staying up to watch it and only getting 4 hours of sleep. If you can bear to watch it, it's something that everyone should see at least once.