Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blood Pressure Raiser

I mentioned the Spike TV show DEA earlier tonight. It was on so I was watching as much of it as I could stomach, which turned out to be about 5 minutes. What set me off was the discussion of the heavily armed members of the task force as they prepared for a raid on a suspect. "Yeah, he's an old f**k, he's like 60."

Explain to me why a no knock dynamic entry warrant was necessary. As it turned out, the suspect was so drugged out he couldn't even stand up. Regardless, he's SIXTY. He had done time in prison and he was selling drugs to kids, so he wasn't a nice guy. But you're seriously telling me that a dozen heavily armed and highly trained men in the prime of their lives can't handle one sixty year old without resorting to SWAT tactics? Really? Did they consider the possible consequences of their actions if someone else was in the house?

I already know the answer to that one. The DEA thugs' lives come before everything else. Guilty, innocent, they're all civilians and expendable collateral damage. Which, of course, isn't even the proper mentality of a soldier, much less a supposed law enforcement agent.

It makes me sad that most people in this country would find nothing wrong with a dozen heavily armed and armored men leaping out of dark vans and busting down doors in a residential neighborhood. All to stop Americans from getting high.

Make sure to check out Radley Balko's thoughts on the matter. Excellent as always.