Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hallelujah! The USAF has a new ad campaign and, from the first look at it, it surprisingly doesn't suck. Check it out for yourself:

I'm digging the "Above All" slogan. At least it doesn't suck as much as "Do Something Amazing." However, since I'm never without criticism for the USAF's recruiting and PR efforts, a few thoughts. First, other than the slow mo of the retarded bombs hitting the convoy, the missile eye view of the F-16 shooting the Maverick, (which were both sweet, by the way) and the JTAC/A-10 segment, I have seen EVERY SINGLE ONE of those video clips in another USAF ad. I'm all for getting the most out of your film, but this is kind of ridiculous. For some of these clips (the Pave Lows, the honor guard with the fighters flying over, a few others) this will be the third generation of USAF ads they have appeared in. These clips were appearing in ads in the last decade. I know we're short for money, but come on, we aren't THAT short of money. Heck, just use some of the clips from DoSomethingAmazing.com. Also, from a joint standpoint, the opening and closing bookends to the ad struck me as a little divisive. "No one is better suited and more prepared to guard America in the century ahead than the U.S. Air Force." "Above all, we stand ready as the decisive force for the 21st Century." Probably being a bit nitpicky, but it just really stood out to me.

Anyway, according to the D-Ring there is still more to come with regard to this campaign, so stay tuned.