Saturday, August 06, 2005

Politically correct team mascots

The Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois and the Seminoles of Florida State are in the news again today, after the NCAA issued a statement saying that teams with mascots deemed "hostile or abusive" would not be allowed to have that mascot or its likeness on any of their gear if their team makes it to an NCAA post-season tournament. Sigh. Where would we be without political correctness? But I have to ask the question, why does it always seem that a very small number of vocal people raise these objections? If the vast nation of Native Americans is so upset, why aren't they all out protesting, writing letters, etc? Could it be that most of them DON'T CARE? Naw, couldn't be it. Anyway, why are Native Americans the only ones who are allowed to get offended? After all, like this guy points out, the Fighting Irish and the Vikings aren't exactly outstanding portrayals of the Irish and people of Scandinavian descent. For that matter, why are the official "minorities" the only ones allowed to get up in arms about anything? Degrading jokes about Catholics and Republicans/"Conservatives" are widely accepted in pretty much anything. As long as the joke is somewhat funny and not too degrading, I'm more than willing to laugh at myself. Why? Because I understand that we live in a liberal society, where it's okay to criticize and make fun of whatever the hell I want to. I know this last part is a bit off topic, but I think it all comes back to the same problem. I think that if someone with no knowledge of our country's political structure was to come to visit, they would think that we had an inherent right to not be offended enshrined in our nation's laws, if not our Constitution. Regardless of what the alleged "offense" is, if you are an officially recognized "minority" and have something to bitch about, all you need to do is contact a news media organization, charge one of the -isms, and you'll get your way.

Anyway, like Brad says, we can't stand for this because if we don't stand for the Illini, who will speak for me when they come for the Cyclones?