Saturday, January 08, 2005

Random tidbits

First, this absurdity from the Democratic Party. In the Democratic weekly radio address, Rep. Charlie Rangel (the co-author of the infamous 'new draft' bill), said that President Bush was using 'scare tactics' in order to push through his Social Security privatization plan. According to Rep. Rangel, there is no Social Security deficit, and Social Security will last for another 50+ years.

He's right, you know. Social Security will last for 50+ years. At which point it will run totally broke, and be completely out of money. I guess this is where Rep. Rangel wishes for the program to go.

Secondly, this nonsense from the Pope. It'd be nice if the Pope felt the need to comment on the 51 political prisoners good ol' Fidel is holding in jail simply because they spoke out against him.

"John Paul II also called on the Cuban authorities "to continue their sustained efforts in the fields of health, education and culture"

I assume he's referring to the wonderful socialized health system Cuba has, where drugs are nonexistent, you have to wait 6 hours to get emergency surgery, and the surgery is performed in an unsanitary room without curtains; the Cuban 'education' system where youngsters are taught to love Uncle Fidel, worship Socialism, and to obey authority without question; and the culture where you are free to be an long as you toe the party line.

Actually, its kind of ironic. John Paul goes to Poland in the '80s, criticizes the Communist government, and inspired a nation to overthrow its yoke. 20 years later, John Paul supports the status quo of the 'Socialist' government in Cuba, and says nothing about its repression or political prisoners.

What a difference 20 years makes.